5 Well-Kept Secrets For Permanent Weight Loss

Congratulations on achieving your weight-loss goals but now, it is time to start thinking about how you’re going to maintain your new body for the long haul. Losing weight is one thing, but keeping it at bay forever is a whole different story. Shedding pounds was no bed of roses, so if you’ve already gone through the grind to reach your goal weight, why would you throw it all away and have a “do-over”! Here are 5 well-kept secrets to help you achieve permanent weight loss.

Work on forming New Habits

It can be quite a struggle to follow a strict rigid diet, or an overly-aggressive exercise program. Just like the fable of the tortoise and the hare, slow steady progress guarantees permanent results. Attaining permanent weight loss is a life-long journey, and unfortunately there are no shortcuts. The most important thing to do when losing weight is not just to follow fad diets and exercise regimes for a while and grow out of it eventually, but to work on forming new habits.

Most of you already know that habits are self-sustaining, or to put it simply, we do them subconsciously without a second thought. If you adopt realistic changes that can be integrated into your existing lifestyle, they will eventually turn into habits. If you choose to eat healthy foods everyday of your life, rather than simply cutting portions of unhealthy foods, you will eventually come to love this new way of eating, and healthy eating won’t be a struggle anymore. For instance, if you are thinking of cutting out salt in your diet, everything will taste bland for a while and you may be tempted to give up. But if you stay put, pretty soon unsalted foods will become your new delicious.

Remember that we all need time to adjust to every dietary change we make. The key is to stay focused long enough for these new changes to become habit, and then to continue thoughtfulness and awareness to maintain these new habits. Even if you slip up from time to time, it’s ok: Just remember to revert to your habit again.


Even if the thought of rigorous exercise makes you sweat, why not tinker around with different routines, schedules, and activities to see what will work for you in the long-haul. We all follow rigorous routines in the beginning of our weight loss journey, but the motivation soon wanes out and we go back to our old ways. It is important to find something that you enjoy and see yourself doing in the long run. Experiment with different activities. If you don’t enjoy something, try a different routine. You need something fun and a little challenging in order to stay motivated. A basic exercise routine is a mixture of flexibility exercises, cardio, and strength training to help you burn calories, build muscle, and keep your connective tissue flexible. If you are unsure where to start, just start with something small; go for a jog or do a few push-ups daily. Doing something today is better than leaving it for tomorrow. If your hectic routine doesn’t leave room for exercise, why not split your workouts throughout the day? You can also incorporate workouts of varying intensities to give you more leeway in your exercise schedule.

Keep Weighing Yourself

Most people must tell you that you are weight-obsessed, but in reality, shying away from the scale helps those former pounds sneak back onto your frame. Weighing yourself daily and tracking the results not only keeps you motivated to lose weight but also prevents those pounds to reappear. Doing so helps you become more mindful of the connection between your eating and your weight. You will instantly know if you a certain dietary plan or lifestyle change is making you gain back pounds, helping you make conscious choices.

Find a Support Group

How much your close friends weigh, can actually determine how much you’ll weigh, say Harvard School of Public Health researchers. In fact, a person’s has a 57% of being obese if a close friend is obese. It may not make any sense to you, but look at it this way. If your buddies love hanging out at burgers and pizza joints on the regular, you can’t really stay on track with your healthy lifestyle, can you? It’s great that you stay tight with your buddies, but why not try other types of activities like yoga or a healthy cooking class. Not only will you learn new things which will help you in your weight loss journey, but you will also meet new people who enjoy living the healthy lifestyle you now lead and will motivate you to continue. A gym class or hiking group offers the perfect opportunity to pursue fitness activities while making many new friends. This will help add a healthy balance to your life and help you make more conscious choices.

Never skimp Breakfast

People who lose weight permanently, regularly eat breakfast, according to a report published in Obesity. Though there is no scientific connection between your breakfast and weight loss, nutritionists say that starting your day with something healthy and satiating sets a healthy tone for the rest of the day. If your mornings are especially busy, who not get into the habit of prepping meals in advanced so that you will have a breakfast waiting for you in the morning!

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